序号  文献篇名
-01-  髋关节钢板螺钉系统(PC.C.P)治疗粗隆间骨折
-02-  使用动力髋螺钉(DHS)和髋关节钢板螺钉系统(PC.C.P)治疗粗隆间骨折功能恢复
序号  文献篇名
-01-  Percutaneous Compression plating of Intertrochanteric Hip Fractures
-02-  Minimally invasive fracture stabilization of distal femoral fractures with
   the LISS: A prospective multicenter study Results of a clinical study with
   special emphasis on difficult cases
-03-  Biomechanical Evaluation of the Percutaneous Compression Plating
   System for Hip Fractures
-04-  Percutaneous Compression plating for Intertrochanteric Hip Fractures:
   Treatment Rationale
-05-  Percutaneous compression plating(PCCP) versus the dynamic hip screw
   for pertrochanteric hip fractures: preliminary results
-06-  The Gotfried PerCutaneous Compression plate versus the Dynamic Hip
   Screw in the Treatment of Pertrochanteric Hip Fractures: Minimal Invasive
   Treatment Reduces Operative Time and Postoperative Pain
-07-  The Lateral Trochanteric Wall: A Key Element in the Reconstruction of
   Unstable Pertrochanteric Hip Fractures
-08-  Percutaneous compression plating versus compression hip screw fixation
   for the treatment of intertrochanteric hip fractures
-09-  Biomechanical analysis of the percutaneous compression plate and sliding
   hip screw in intracapsular hip fractures: Experimental assessment using
   synthetic and cadaver bones
-10-  The PerCutaneous Compression Plate(PCCP) in the treatment of
   trochanteric hip fractures in elderly patients
-11-  Biomechanical comparison of two side plate fixation techniques in an
   unstable intertrochanteric osteotomy model: Sliding Hip Screw and
   Percutaneous Compression Plate
-12-  A new and stable implant in the treatment of the intracapsular hip
   fracture: A case report
-13-  Minimally invasive screw plates for surgery of unstable intertrochanteric
   femoral fractures: A biomechanical comparative study
-14-  Minimally Invasive Treatment of Intertrochanteric Hip Fractures with the
   Gotfried Percutaneous Compression Plate
-15-  Percutaneous compression plating versus gamma nail for the treatment
   of pertrochanteric hip fractures
-16-  The percutaneous compression plate versus the dynamic hip screw: A
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