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  Pursuing excellence, transcending ourselves and constantly pursuing customer satisfaction are the core disciplines of the company.


  Honesty is the Cornerstone of our services. We advocate trustworthiness not deception; virtually pragmatic not superficial. We adhere to keeping one’s word and follow through with our actions. We take customers’ needs as our first priority and adhere to the business disciplines. The success of our clients depends on our integrity. The trust of our clients promises a long term success of our business.


  Respect is the soul of our services. We emphasize on thinking with people in mind, seeing things from other people's perspectives, and communicating with empathy. Our goal is to satisfy our clients' needs. We measure our service results by clients' success. We believe strength comes from accepting differences. Respecting clients' criticism and comments and inspiring employees' potential and creativity is a healthy and robust corporate culture of our company.


  Impartiality is the principle of our services. We emphasize on following the rules, thinking flexibly but acting with integrity. We consciously protect the rights and interests of our clients, and we are willing to accept public criticism. We believe in the principle of treating others with kindness, and treating ourselves with discipline. We keep open minds, and collaborate with others, even our competitors, in a civilized manner in this competitive market. These are our golden rules in developing our business.


  Expertise is the essence of our services. We emphasize on professional services, service expertise and focused services. We continuously raise the standards of customer services and develop expertise. We work hard in achieving specialization, standardization and internationalization. We pursue excellence, transcend ourselves and update our knowledge. We develop new skills in new fields to build a global expert team. Our diverse expertise is our valuable assets which prepares us to become a global service company.


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